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The Divine: Damiana, The Goddess of Souls

After a video of her sexual assault goes viral, Damiana just wants to escape. Lucky for her, Rezon—her ex-boyfriend—and a familiar woman named Cyvine appear to tell Damiana that she’s the Goddess of Souls and the other gods need her help. In a desperate attempt to leave her troubles behind, she follows them to The World’s Library, a place that holds everything there ever was, ever is, and ever will be.

Traveling to a magical place that holds all the secrets of the universe and learning to master powers that she didn’t know she had would be the most amazing and exciting thing for Damiana—if she weren’t traumatized by her assault. Add in new responsibilities—like dealing with entities that hate her and finding her brother’s soul—and isolation, and Damiana must choose between her duty and her heart, between the World’s Library and Earth before she makes a decision that has irrevocable consequences.

The Divine_ Damiana
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The Divine: Characters

Click on the arrows to learn more about the characters of The Soul Searcher. Read their synopses, check out their character backgrounds, and see character artwork!

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