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Fun Facts 7: Interview with Anita Kharbanda

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What’s up Write Voicers!

It’s been a busy month and, I'm not going to lie, I almost decided to pull this interview because of how busy I am between my full-time job, my part-time job, the book release for my alter ego J.S. Living, and writing in general. But, I said I would interview Anita so that you all could get to know her, and I am a woman of my word. Plus, Anita had some really interesting stuff to tell us and I just COULDN'T let that opportunity pass by. So, here we go ya'll, Fun Facts with Anita Kharbanda!

Fun Facts Interview

Jaleesa: Hey Anita! It's been a rough month, but I'm glad that we were able to make this work.

Anita: Hi Jaleesa! Thanks for responding to my email. I'm excited about this too.

Jaleesa: Good to hear! So, going through your Fun Facts, it seems like you're really into the outdoors. Would you say that's a true statement?

Anita: Yes, I love the outdoors, and so does my family.

Jaleesa: I love that for ya’ll. The outdoors can be so refreshing, especially when you have the time to try new things. And, in your case, I feel like skiing was totally new to you when you first started. So, let's start with that.

Anita: Alright, well, as I said in my email I've been skiing three times—once in Oregon, once in Colorado, and once in Washington.

Jaleesa: That's a lot of skiing. I've only been once and I definitely fell down several times. I've thought about going again, but I feel like you have to have an adventurous spirit to go a second time, let alone three.

Ya'll should totes watch this video when you prepare for your first ski trip.

Anita: I'm sure I sound pretty adventurous, but in truth, my experience was probably like yours.

Jaleesa: How so?

Anita: The first time I went skiing, on Mount Bachelor in Oregon, I couldn’t slow down on the bunny slope, so I knocked myself over, and my ski poles flew away.

Jaleesa: No way! What happened next?

Anita: It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but, a young girl—she might have been around seven—brought my poles back to me, and her mom let me hold her backpack to come down the rest of the mountain. And, before you ask, yes, I did take a ski lesson first. But, in my defense, Mount Bachelor bunny slopes are steeper than most bunny slopes.

Jaleesa: Listen, I am not here to judge. When I went skiing in Manussen I didn't even take a lesson. I just gave it a try and epically failed by falling flat on my face. I ended up watching the children's class from afar just to figure out how to properly stop. [Laughs]

Anita: [Laughs] Your first experience sounds similar to mine, glad I’m not alone.

Jaleesa: You definitely aren’t. I’m sure PLENTY of people have similar starts. So, what about the second time you went skiing? What happened there?

Anita: Yeah, so the second time I went skiing was in Washington state. That time, I didn't get off the lift. The descent looked steep to me, so I stayed on. My work friends, who I'd come with, looked at me in shock.

Jaleesa: But you definitely went down it at some point, right?

Anita: Yep. I descended the second time; but let's just say it wasn't graceful. At least I mastered the "pizza" though.

Jaleesa: What's the pizza again?

Anita: It's when you push the backs of the skis out to make a pizza shape, which slows you down.

Jaleesa: Ah, I think I vaguely remember doing that when I went. I'm guessing that helped you out on your third skiing trip as well?

Anita: It sure did. The third time I went with my husband and children, and we skied in Colorado, it was much smoother.

Jaleesa: Well, you've had a lot of practice by then. Any photos from skiing? I'm sure our readers would love to see one or two.

Anita: Sure, below is one of me and my husband in Colorado.

Jaleesa: You guys look so cute. I can just feel the happiness of the memory!

Anita: Thank you, it was a lot of fun!

Jaleesa: I bet! Alright, so you've done some other cool stuff, and we'll cover all of it, but tell me how much prepping did you have to do to run half marathons not once, but three times?

Anita: I was already a pretty dedicated runner all three times, so all I did was add one long 9-10 mile run each week. Then I also did a few three-mile runs, and one high-impact workout class each week. That, coupled with rest and healthy eating, formed my training.

Jaleesa: Wow. I cannot even begin to imagine the dedication that takes. Kudos to you because I would be struggling.

Anita: Thank you so much, it did take dedication. I’m sure you could do it too!

Jaleesa: If only. Covid did a number on my body, so I’m lucky if I can manage a thirty minute walk without getting out of breath. But I’ll save my Covid stories for another time. What I want to know is did the experience of running the half marathons help you with your hiking in the bamboo forest off the Road to Hana in Maui?

Anita: It did. Walking requires less endurance, but we were going uphill and downhill, and treading through rocky water. I think running gave me the energy and strength to maneuver through the challenging route.

Not the Maui we're talking about, but you gotta love this guy!

Jaleesa: Were there other things outside of the hilliness and rocky water that made it challenging?

Anita: It was tough to walk in wet shoes, and make sure the kids were okay. There were also areas dense with greenery where we had to navigate through narrower paths.

Jaleesa: Normally, if something requires my shoes and socks to get wet, I just take them off. But I’m guessing ya’ll couldn’t do that.

Anita: No, we couldn’t.

Jaleesa: Well, I guess that’s hiking in Maui for you. Speaking of Maui, you traveled there twice, right? Once for the bamboo forest off the Road of Hana we were just talking about, and once for snorkeling in Napili beach. Or was it the same trip?

Anita: I’ve been once, but we were there for five days so we enjoyed a few excursions—including both the hiking off the Road to Hana and snorkeling.

Jaleesa: Okay. Same trip, but multiple excursions. I bet the view was BEAUTIFUL. Did you all have time to take photos of the scenery? Or were you just overwhelmed by everything there was to see and do?

Anita: We did take a few photos of the scenery. Below is one of the photos.

Isn't that gorgeous? Anita and her family took this one!

Jaleesa: Gosh, I’m so jealous. You've traveled a lot. I mean zip lining in Saint Lucia and Costa Rica? Sounds amazing.

Anita: I love to travel. Reading books often takes me to many places from the comfort of my home, but actually stepping foot in a new place and experiencing its culture, people, activities, and weather give me life. Travel also stimulates my creativity, which leads to good writing.

Jaleesa: Agreed. I do some of my best writing in new environments. There’s just something about being in a new place that gives you a fresh perspective and motivation to create.

Anita: That’s awesome. I completely agree.

Jaleesa: And you didn’t even stop there. You also went white water rafting in Costa Rica! I mean, I don't care what you said in the beginning of this interview, you’re definitely the most adventurous and outgoing person I've ever met. Like, you are living the dream.

Anita: Thank you so much! Sometimes it’s hard to see qualities about yourself, but I’d say you’re right. I am adventurous.

Jaleesa: Heck yeah, you are! And you should be proud of it.

Anita: Thank you so much.

Jaleesa: Of course! Well, Anita, I would love to hear more; but, unfortunately, that's all the time I have for now. Thanks so much for agreeing to do this. I know I dropped the ball toward the end, but I'm glad we could still make this happen. Before we end the interview, is there anything you want to tell our readers?

Anita: Yes! September will be a busy month for me because my book releases, I'll be chatting with Daman on her podcast the @11questionpod, and there will be press and events.

Jaleesa: I will definitely have to check everything out. Before I forget, you also mentioned a book launch party to me in your email. Want to tell us the details?

Anita: Of course! My book launch party will be at Whose Books in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas on September 24, 2022 from 2:00-4:00 PM CST. There will be swag, treats, copies of Lioness of Punjab for purchase, an author signing, and a special reading, so make sure you come ready for an AMAZING day! There is a video call for the reading too, so people can attend remotely as well.

Jaleesa: I didn’t know it would be virtual! That means that I may be able to make it, and I hope our readers can too. But, what about the people who are interested but can’t make it physically or virtually? is that the only event you'll be hosting?

Anita: No. I also have a second book signing event at Half Price Books Flagship Store in DFW on October 9, 2022, from 1:00-3:00 PM CST.

Jaleesa: That is so exciting!

Anita: I know. I can't wait myself. I worked so hard for this.

Jaleesa: And we thank you for it. Books like this are needed, especially today.

Anita: For sure.

Jaleesa: Well, that's it for me. Thanks again Anita, and I'll look forward to seeing your future projects!

Anita: Thank you Jaleesa for taking the time to interview me. This has been fun.

More Information

Anita Kharbanda is the author of Lioness of Punjab which tells the story of the great Mai Bhago. The book comes out in just seventeen days, so be sure to pre-order now!

To learn more about Anita, or to keep up with her future endeavors, visit her website.

Last, if you haven't already, check out my review of Lioness of Punjab.

Liked this interview? Do you want to schedule one of your own? Contact me via email and I'll be happy to feature you on The Write Voice as well.

Until next time!

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