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Updates: December

Happy New Years Write Voicers!

I'm going to keep this short because, well, as you know, 2022 has been a rough year and we're ALL happy that it's just about over.

So, I wanted to give you all a little update on what the future holds for The Write Voice.

I'm using a robot here because we all know that's where the future is headed.

Update #1: Hiatus

I'm going on hiatus for a while. I don't know when I'll be back, but I know that I have some personal things to take care of before I'm ready to jump back into monthly blog posts. That said, you're still going to hear from me. Which brings me to....

Update #2: Writing Goals

One of the reasons that I'm taking a hiatus is to work on my writing goals.

So, even though you won't get monthly Book Reviews or Fun Facts, when I have the time, I'll still be posting Writing Tips and Tricks for you. But, they won't be consistent. So, just watch the blog space.

Okay, well, there may be a few Book Reviews and Fun Facts since I still owe you all an interview with Adam Sass and KJ Burrage (they both have new books coming out this year too!), and I want to make sure I get those to you. So, yeah.

The Writing Tips and Tricks that I post will most likely be chronicling my experiences with writing a traditionally pubbed book.

No, I don't have any offers or anything (it'll be a debut novel!), but after writing two books just for fun, I figure it's time I put myself out there and write one that I might have the opportunity to sell one day. So, here's hoping!

But, there's one other reason for this hiatus, and I'm sure you all are going to LOVE this one:

Update #3: Podcast!!!

I've noticed that a lot of people enjoy podcasts more than reading, especially if they have a commute to work. So, the other thing I'll be working on this year is turning The Write Voice into a podcast by the same name. All the content you love, just on audio.

I'm going to start with the book reviews on this website and work my way to new content. That way, when I come back from my hiatus, y'all will have double the content! (And maybe Facebook and Instagram will FINALLY let me post my website to their platform!)

The podcast is going to take the longest, but I think it'll be worth it, especially for those who need the audio to help with their daily lives.


I'm excited about my new journey and I hope to continue bringing you all content throughout the year, even if it is sporadic. If you're interested in doing a live interview for the podcast I'm creating, please email me. Likewise, if you have a book coming out in late 2023 (which is when I'll most likely be back, fingers crossed) OR in 2024 (I'll definitely be back by then), also feel free to email me with a book review request. I love getting ARCs, so I'll do my best to read and review them promptly.

That's all I got. See ya!

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